Top 5 Natural Remedies to Keep Weeds Away from Concrete Pavers

Everybody wants to have a perfectly manicured lawn and attractive paved surfaces on their property. However, before you achieve it, you have to ensure that you install and maintain it properly.

Do you have concrete pavers installed on your property in Toowoomba? Then you may notice some grass growing in between its pavers. If you don’t get rid of these pesky weeds as soon as possible, they will just keep on multiplying until they overcome all of your concrete pavers.

Weed infestation can be a bit frustrating because the pervasive growth of weeds will make your space look untidy and unattractive. With the weeds uncontrollably sprouting on the crevices of your pavers, it may seem like a jungle out there. So, how can you keep weeds away from your concrete pavers? What are the solutions you can try to bring back your beautiful, clean, and weed-free pavers? At Toowoomba Concreters, we want to help you have concrete pavers that are functional and aesthetically pleasing, so we will share our top five natural remedies with you to keep the weeds away on your paved surfaces.

Remedy #1: Boiling Water

One of the most simple, inexpensive, and natural remedies to get rid of weeds is boiling water. Grab a pot of boiling water and pour it on the weeds growing in the gaps or cracks in your concrete pavers. When doing this, make sure to get close to the weeds and pour the boiling water carefully and slowly. You can repeat this process about two to three times. After that, you can wait for a day so you can easily sweep all the withered weeds.

Remedy #2: Newspaper

Weeds can grow persistently, but you can inhibit their growth if you take sunlight and air away from them. Get a used and dampened newspaper or cardboard and cover the soil in the crevices of your concrete pavers. After that, cover it with about two to three inches of compost or straw. You have to ensure that you block the sunlight and air so the weeds will not grow. This remedy will work best if you just installed your pavers, but you can also use it after pulling all the existing weeds in your pavers. Using newspaper is convenient because you can just leave it and let it mix with the soil.

Remedy #3: Baking Soda

If you prefer an environmentally friendly way to remove the pesky weeds in your pavers, don’t worry because you can easily find most of them in your pantry or kitchen. Baking soda is one of the most time-tested natural remedies for killing weeds. Get your baking soda and scatter it on the weeds or the whole paved surface. Let it soak for about a day so it can overload the weeds with salt. Since the baking soda will absorb the cellular water from the tissues of the weeds in your concrete pavers, it will wither and die.

Remedy #4: Vinegar

Vinegar is also an accessible natural remedy you can try. To make the application easier, get a spray bottle and pour the vinegar in it. Spray it on the crevices of the pavers and let it soak for a few hours or a day so it can draw out the moisture from weeds’ roots. After the weeds have weakened, rinse it all away with a garden hose. Many homeowners choose vinegar because it doesn’t kill their plants and doesn’t affect the appearance of their concrete pavers.

Remedy #5: Salt

Common salt is cheap and is safe to use, so we also recommend this remedy. You can create a solution with a 3:1 salt to water ratio and put it in a spray bottle. Since it is oversaturated, it will dehydrate and inhibit the growth of weeds in the crevices of your pavers. You can use this every month or until no weeds are sprouting in your pavers.

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