6 Essential Things to Learn About Stained Concrete

If you need to attain the durability of concrete, but plain and industrial-styled floors, blocks or slabs is not your type of aesthetic, at Toowoomba Concreters, we got you covered. You can achieve the functionality and longevity of concrete without sacrificing the visual appeal you prefer with our high-quality stained concrete.

This building material is gaining popularity for residential and commercial properties in Toowoomba because of its versatility in design, low cost and strength. It is an excellent alternative because it can be utilized in an indoor or outdoor setting. Before you proceed with the installation, check out some of the essential things to learn about stained concrete.

Preparation is vital.

When you plan to stain your concrete, it is vital to properly prep its surface. This is to ensure that the stain will be distributed evenly on the concrete’s surface. Clean and scrub it first to get rid of old stubborn stains that may affect the final results. Besides that, it is also essential to cover the walls and remove the fixtures or items nearby so the stain will not be splattered on them once you start staining the concrete.

It is easy to maintain.

One of the main upsides of stained concrete is that it requires minimal upkeep after it has been installed. Since this building material is as durable as plain concrete, it is less vulnerable to chipping, breaking or rotting. Keeping it in its prime condition is also very easy since it just requires occasional floor wax application and regular sweeping. If you plan to have stained concrete for your driveway, walkway, patio or other hardscape areas, we always advise having it sealed properly to make it more long-lasting.

The stain lasts for a long time.

Since the stain will penetrate the concrete’s surface, you don’t have to worry about its colour chipping, flaking or peeling. Just make sure that the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared so the stain will produce a rich and long-lasting colour that stays true even when exposed to daily wear and tear and harsh elements.

Stained concrete offers great versatility in design.

No matter what kind of stain you utilize for your concrete – be it acid-based stains or water-based stains, you will have a myriad of design options. If you wish to attain a deep, vibrant and translucent colour for your concrete, you can opt for acid-based stains. Through this type of stain, you can mimic the elegant look and appeal of other building materials like natural stone and polished marble. However, if you prefer to have a broader selection of colours for your concrete, you can choose water-based stains. It also produces a consistent colour throughout the concrete’s surface. You can easily combine various stains to produce a unique colour palette and create more beautiful effects.

It is a cost-friendly option.

Compared to other materials, stained concrete is a cost-friendly option that will not compromise the quality and aesthetic you require. It is an effective way to transform your regular concrete into polished and sophisticated surfaces. The budget for this type of project will greatly depend on the prep requirements, size, area and complexity of the stain application.

Let the experts handle concrete staining projects.

Even if there are a lot of DIY projects regarding staining concrete surfaces, it is still advised to let the professionals help you. This is to ensure that you can achieve the results you need without the hassle. At Toowoomba Concreters, our experts will take the time to assess your existing concrete and properly prepare it before proceeding with the staining process. We are also equipped with the proper machinery, equipment and top-quality stains to deliver long-lasting and stunning results.

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