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Exposed Aggregate

Homeowners and building owners before are used to smooth finished surfaces for their properties, but through the years, innovations have emerged. Instead of hiding the aggregate inside of the concrete, they decided to leave it exposed and change it to more aesthetically pleasing ones. The exposed aggregate is a good way to provide a prominently fricative and durable surface. Due to that, it is popular for places where a non-slip surface is needed.

We at Toowoomba Concreters are a team of professionals on all things concrete. The big hype for exposed aggregate for business establishments and residential buildings is caused by more reasons than one. If you are one of the people who are unsure what the hype about exposed aggregate is, keep on reading.

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We only deliver high-quality concrete projects.

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We have been in the business for more than a decade and our concreters are all experienced in different facets of concrete construction.

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We value your time. Thus, before commencing with any project, we provide an honest estimate of the time it would take to finish it. We always deliver on or before our deadline.

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As professional concreters, we have developed the habit of cleaning up our project areas. We will leave your property pristine and visually appealing.

Why is Exposed Aggregate Popular?

Exposed aggregates in Toowoomba are becoming popular over the years because it is a contemporary way to upgrade your poolside, patios, walkways, and driveways. It is one of the most common structures of decorative concrete.  Here at Toowoomba Concreters, we offer exposed aggregates in a wide array of colors, designs, and textures that will best suit your projected landscape and architectural appeal for your property. 

Toowoomba Concreters offer exposed aggregate that is visually pleasing and extremely durable. You can fulfill the look you want and ensure that it is multiple times more slip-resistant than other concrete types. Its durability is also commendable because it can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh climate in Toowoomba. With exposed aggregate, you no longer need additional decorative materials, which makes it a cost-efficient investment. 

Why Choose Toowoomba Concreters for Exposed Aggregate Concretes?

If you are scouring for an expert to handle your exposed aggregate concrete projects, check out the reasons why working with us will be advantageous for you. 

We deliver quality results.
Our exposed aggregate concrete projects are all professionally done together with the help of more than enough labor and man-power. The exposed aggregate we produce will not just be a creative add-on to your property because it is also durable, making it last for many years to come. 

We follow a precise and accurate work plan. 
Accuracy and precision are some of the excellent foundations of exposed aggregate. That is why we make sure to stick with the reading plans and consult property owners for their ideal designs. We follow the work plan accurately so that you can achieve the exposed aggregate you have in mind. 

We work safely and securely. 
When dealing with a refurbishing project, you have to keep in mind the building rules and standards. At Toowoomba Concreters, make sure that all our work is done safely and securely. We also work according to the Australian Standards to avoid troubles. 

Let us help you with your upcoming concreting project!

If you plan to use exposed aggregate, Toowoomba Concreters can help you with its vast breadth of concrete assistance for residential and commercial properties. We can guide you to find what style will work best for the overall appeal of your property.

Depending on the aesthetics you want to achieve along with the dimensions of the whole project, exposed aggregate at Toowoomba Concreters offers you various exposure methods. Your contractor can help you decide whether you want to expose the top of the stone or the surface mortar’s depth in your exposed aggregate project.  

Get in touch with us to converse about the range of exposed aggregate we have or the design mix you have in mind so that you can plan and proceed with your refurbishing project.